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Assistance for improving overall building management strategy.

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Complete Building Management Service

Elite Strata’s building management services ensure that a fully licensed and skilled building manager oversees the day-to-day operation of your building. Our team is highly trained to handle client concerns with integrity and efficiency, to ensure that you have the most effective building management strategy in place.

Our building managers are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of your building. We have access to experienced and professional contractors and a detailed record of their visits and services, which is readily available to our clients.

Here’s what you can expect from our building management service:

  • Handle complaints and/or requests from residents
  • Maintain a daily log of activities in the building
  • Management of essential supplies for building maintenance/needs
  • Report and handle damage to the building (unintended or not)
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Why Choose Elite Strata?

Elite Strata’s team of licensed property managers will provide you with a detailed reporting of day-to-day incidents, maintenance work, and other financial workflow. This monthly report is submitted to clients for transparency and accurate monitoring of performance.

We maintain honest and professional communication with all of our clients. Our building manager serves a vital role in between the building owners and its residents. We strive to keep that communication line open and strong so that management can make informed decisions that will improve performance and profitability.

We realise that your building is an important asset to your portfolio. That’s why we aim to deliver Australia’s leading building management service standard to all our partners.

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The Very Best Advice

We understand the document and record keeping process intimately and will assist you in navigating the requirements and provide you with sound and proven advice that will help you get the job done.

Complete Management

Our team will assist you in the preparation of all of the necessary documents to ensure compliance and most importantly the flexibility to make amendments and changes should the need arise.

A Single Point of Contact

Right from the start you will be working with one of our highly experienced managers that will learn and understand your exact needs.

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