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There are a growing number of new developments that are set up as communities or neighborhood associations. They are typically branded as mixed-use communities wherein you can find a mix of strata titled apartments along with commercial spaces such as shopping centers, promenades, retail outlets, and public parks.

Our Community Title Management service can address this unique situation. We have expert and licensed strata managers who can provide professional management of various strata title schemes for these types of estates. Elite Strata can provide management for all your property projects including shared infrastructure such as common facilities, roads and other various related frameworks.

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It takes a great level of knowledge and experience to handle management of these types of properties. At Elite Strata, we have years of experience with all types of strata management schemes. If you want to overcome the hassle and stress of dealing with properties that belong to a community or neighborhood association, let us handle it on your behalf to ensure that your property is expertly managed.

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We understand the document and record keeping process intimately and will assist you in navigating the requirements and provide you with sound and proven advice that will help you get the job done.

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Our team will assist you in the preparation of all of the necessary documents to ensure compliance and most importantly the flexibility to make amendments and changes should the need arise.

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Right from the start you will be working with one of our highly experienced managers that will learn and understand your exact needs.

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